I am newbie in geographic and want to convert my GML file to deegree workspace.

What I did so far

  1. I have download deegree and install it on local.
  2. Run the application and its service

Now, I want to convert my GML/KML/SHP files to Deegree workspace.

Please help me or any suggestion what i do.

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You cannot use KML directly and have to import it into a DB or convert it to a shape file.

For GML and SHP you'll have to configure an appropriate FeatureStore:

GML: http://download.deegree.org/documentation/3.3.19/html/featurestores.html#memory-feature-store for starters, if you know what application schema you're using you can also set up an SQL feature store: http://download.deegree.org/documentation/3.3.19/html/featurestores.html#sql-feature-store and then upload your GML via WFS-T (this is an advanced topic).

SHP: Either setup a ShapeFeatureStore: http://download.deegree.org/documentation/3.3.19/html/featurestores.html#shape-feature-store or import the SHP with another tool like https://postgis.net/docs/using_postgis_dbmanagement.html#shp2pgsql_usage

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