i'm facing a problem when it comes to snapping a line from one layer to an outline from a different layer

what i'm doing is drawing a polygon and i added another style to it and had it offset outwards from the polygon, and i want a line from another layer to snap to the outline from the polygon layer..not the polygon itself, i tried lowering the resolution of the snapping but it still doesn't snap to the outline just the polygon...any ideas on how to solve this?


You need to create a buffer polygon to snap the line to it. You can set the which layers to snap from Settings -> Snapping options, as follows:

enter image description here

  1. Change the snapping mode to Advanced
  2. Select the layers you need to snap. Set the mode to to vertex and segment, tolerance of 10 and Units: pixels. The OUTPUT.shp (in this example) is the buffer layer
  3. Uncheck the layers that you don't want to snap to.

enter image description here

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