I am using some legacy code which requires my data in PostgreSQL box type e.g. this format (37357,50073),(34242,357).

However, I am using PostGIS with box2df i.e. I get: BOX2DF(588893 4515997, 600342 4517442.5). Is there a PostGIS/PostgreSQL function which can transform my data from the BOX2DF format to the BOX format?

I cannot simply do a type cast:

ERROR: cannot cast type box2df to box


It looks like the output (convert-to-text) function is defined for the BOX2DF internal type, so you should be able to convert it to text and then to BOX2D with string manipulation:

SELECT replace(mybox2df::text, '2DF', '')::box2d

To get the native PostgreSQL box type, I think you'd need to break out some regular expressions:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION box2df_to_box (box2df) 
DECLARE matches text[];
  SELECT array_agg(regexp_matches[1]) FROM (SELECT regexp_matches($1::text, '\d+[.]?\d*', 'g')) sq INTO matches;
  RETURN box(point(matches[2]::float, matches[3]::float), point(matches[4]::float, matches[5]::float));
  • Thanks. Then the transformed output is BOX(588893 4515997,600342 4517442.5) which is still not exactly like the original box type. Not sure if this is right. – audlift-bit Apr 17 '17 at 13:49
  • My bad, I assumed you meant the PostGIS box type, not the PostgreSQL box type. – dbaston Apr 17 '17 at 13:52
  • @audlift-bit Edited w/code to get native PostgreSQL box. – dbaston Apr 17 '17 at 14:07

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