I'm trying to load Google Maps as a Layer in Geoext3 tree Panel. I'm using Ol3-Google-Maps. My code is:

    var googleLayer = new olgm.layer.Google({
        name: 'Google',
        title: 'Google',
        type: 'base',
        combine: 'true'

    olMap = new ol.Map({
        layers: [googleLayer, layerorto2016gv, layerlim],
        controls: controls,
        view: new ol.View({
            center: center,
            zoom: 15

    var olGM = new olgm.OLGoogleMaps({map: olMap}); // map is the ol.Map instance

    mapComponent = Ext.create('GeoExt.component.Map', {
        map: olMap

I can't do it works. The result is: "Uncaught TypeError: a.ac is not a function" and I don't see the Tree Panel. If I remove the lines: var olGM = new olgm.OLGoogleMaps({map: olMap}); olGM.activate(); The result is: TypeError: a.sf is not a function but I can see de Tree Panel:

Tree Panel

Does anybody know how to put the Google Layer in the tree panel?

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