I have 2 tables. Each table has an ID and i need to insert only one attribute from first table to a specific field in the second table using python script. This should be done using UpdateCursor, but i can't figure out how, Any tips?


Many options.

First, you can use Join Field from Data Management

Second, you can create a new field, join the second table with Add Join from Data Management and then calculate your newly created field with simple excpression [table1.TARGETFIELD] = [table2.JOINEDFIELD]

Third, you can read everything to python dicitionary {id: value} with SearchCursor:

joined_data = {row[0]: row[1] for row in arcpy.da.SearchCursor(table2, ['ID', 'JOINEDFIELD']}

and than update your first table with UpdateCursor:

default_value = _write_your_default_value_here_
with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor(table1, ['ID', 'TARGETFIELD']) as uc:
    for row in uc:
        row[1] = joined_data.get(row[0], default_value)

Don't forget to build attribute indexes if you'd use first two options.

Actually, it's almost the same situation as described in this question

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