Question: can GPX files contain more than 1 track? I am new to using this format. Since you can name a track, it suggested to me that I could put multiple tracks in a file. However, when I tried testing the file out (for exampe, on http://www.mygpsfiles.com/app/), it only displays one of the tracks.

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Yes, the .gpx file format will hold individual features that your gps unit will display as separate tracks. I don't think you can save separate tracks into a single file on a handheld gps unit - you have to do it on a desktop program. I've never tried the website you've linked to; if you can post your data, or describe how you created your .gpx file, someone might be able to troubleshoot your specific problem.


Yes, you can. As noted above, most handheld ones generate a single track. But if you combine GPX tracks (using some software or programming language) into a single file, they will have a new GPX tag delineating which track is which. For example, if you combine GPX files with common market software, the new combined GPX file will have a tag called <trkseg> to denote which track is which. Because GPX is based on XML, and XML is incredibly flexible, there may be other tags that show if there are multiple tracks in a single GPX file.

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