I am trying to estimate albedo for Landsat 8 OLI. The idea was to use the GRASS function i.albedo within the processing toolbox of QGIS. However, the option for Landsat 8 OLI is not available, therefore I tried to use directly GRASS GIS. Being unfamiliar with GRASS I could not figure this out.

Steps I followed.

  1. More Downloaded DN value images from UGSG Earthexplore website. (I want to use the Surface Reflectance Higher-Level Data Products from USGS which makes steps 2-3 redundant, but the values were off when I tried. I had read that the values stored in this product needs to be multipled by a factor, ex. 0.0001, so that I can use this product?)
  2. Performed TOA (Top-ofAtmosphere) reflectance conversion from DNs (wanted to use GRASS function i.landsat.toar but could not figure this out, used semi-automatic classification plugin for QGIS instead.
  3. Wanted surface reflectance so I applied DOS1 correction within the above plugin.
  4. Cannot calculate from surface reflectance to Albedo for Landsat 8?

If I could do this within QGIS it would be best, or if someone is familiar with GRASS GIS, I could use a simple tutorial.

Remote Sensing Landsat Surface Reflectance and Albedo


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The grass72 version of i.albedo supports (now) for Landsat8 imagery.

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