I was wondering if in GRASS GIS exists a way to split a polygonal area based on its intersection with a vector line, eg:

 ______                      ______
|      |                    |  *   |
|  *   |  + __________  ->  |______|
|      |                    |  *   |
|______|                    |______|

1 polygon  +  1 line    ->  2 polygons

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This workflow might help (assuming a polygon vector "polys" and a line vector "lines":

v.type input=polys out=boundary_lines from=boundary to=line
v.patch boundary_lines,lines out=lines_patch
v.type input=lines_patch out=new_boundary  # default is from lines to boundaries
v.centroids new_boundary out=new_areas

Note that you loose the polys attribute table. You'll have to do some v.distance trickery to attach original poly attributes to the new_areas.


I think there is a better way but for now what I do is:

  • create a polygon from the line with "v.buffer"

  • use v.overlay to extract a polygon layers composed by the union of the 2 polygon

  • use again v.overlay to extract only the polygons that are not overlaid by the buffered line

this gives me 2 polygons with an empty space where the buffered line was ... it is not optimal ...

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