I have a Leaflet feature layer (Layer1) with popups bound. I'm using Leaflet Draw to draw a polygon in Layer2 over the feature layer. I want to then be able to open the popups for Layer1 while still having Layer2 visible on top of Layer1.

Here is an example: http://jsbin.com/keroyoy/8/edit?html,js,output

The layer of white squares has popups:

I can open popups in the layer behind

But when I draw a polygon over them, it blocks me from opening popups.

Is there a way to click 'through' the top layer? A way to make it not have a fill? I don't want to stack Layer2 behind with layer.bringToBack() because then it's not visible.

  • See my updated answer, I think I've got a working example for you to try – GISKid Apr 26 '17 at 7:43

I've got this up and running here for a live example As a work around for not showing popups when clicking through a polygon, I opted for listening on mouseclick that would produce a popup at that point. The popup draws over top of the polygon.

Add a variable to track if you're currently editing:

var currentlyEditing=false;

You need to listen to the draw and end of draw event:

//listen to draw event
map.on(L.Draw.Event.DRAWSTART, function (e){
//listen to end
map.on(L.Draw.Event.DRAWSTOP, function(e){

You can use an on click event to perform a function for when a user clicks on the map, a popup will show up but only when the user isn't currently drawing:

function onMapClick(e) {
 if (currentlyEditing == false){
    var popup = L.popup()
 } else {
map.on('click', onMapClick);

Except we only want the popup to show if where the mouse click occurs intersects with the polygon (This is kind of hacked together, there may be a better way):

var marker;
//query layer
var query = L.esri.query({
  url: "https://geodata.wgnhs.uwex.edu/arcgis/rest/services/lslc/MapServer/0", 
var popup;
//on map click check if editing before adding a popup
function onMapClick(e) { 
   marker= L.marker(e.latlng);
  if (currentlyEditing === false){
    console.log("not editing");
    //does the position clicked intersect with the polygon?
     query.run(function(error,ids, featureCollection, response){
      console.log('Found ' + featureCollection.features.length + ' features');
       //get the id of the polygon that intersects
       query.ids(function(error, ids, response){
        console.log(ids.join(', ') + 'match the provided parameters');
         //show the popup
         popup =L.popup()

 } else {

map.on('click', onMapClick);

This should get you 3/4 there to customizing your popups based on their id.

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