If seen, that the Tasks is a good way to configure workflows for customers.

Is there a way to put a button to a group of a tab on the ribbon that starts a previously built task?


You can customize the ribbon to add a given button to a either a NEW group or an EXISTING group. So from the BACKSTAGE > Options > Customize the Ribbon select All Commands from the Choose Commands From. You could add the Import and Open Task button. Your user would have to navigate to the .esritask file on disk and open it.

I dont see a way to point a button to directly open a task. If this is what you want to do I suspect you'll need to build an Pro SDK add-in that embeds the esritask file and launches it. You'd then either distribute and have your users one time install the add-in, or pre-install it for them.

Or your 3rd option is to create a template package (aptx). Your users would open that to get started and in the Catalog window, find and launch the appropriate task from the Task heading

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