On Leaflet, I am drawing a marker everytime the user click on the map like this:

function getClickedLanLon(e) {

    var lat,

    lat = e.latlng.lat;
    lon = e.latlng.lng;
    zoom = map.getZoom();

    marker2 = new L.Marker(new L.LatLng(lat, lon));

map.on('click', getClickedLanLon);

but the map get populated with so many markers. Instead, I want to delete the old marker before adding the new one. So, I add the following if condition in the beginning of the function:

if (!map.hasLayer(marker2)) {

But I get the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_leaflet_id' of undefined

My question is how to add a new and remove an old marker every time the user click on the map?

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Try something like this. Put the marker to a variable, and when creating a new one, it the variable already has a value remove it from the map, then draw the new marker.

 var theMarker = {};

    lat = e.latlng.lat;
    lon = e.latlng.lng;

    console.log("You clicked the map at LAT: "+ lat+" and LONG: "+lon );
        //Clear existing marker, 

        if (theMarker != undefined) {

    //Add a marker to show where you clicked.
     theMarker = L.marker([lat,lon]).addTo(map);  

I think the simplest way is to make the Marker as a global variable and change its coordinates instead of deleting it: Marker.setLatLng(lat, lng);


The test being used seems incorrect: as shown, it tests for the absence of the layer and deletes it if absent, so the error is entirely reasonable. Try this instead:

if (map.hasLayer(marker2)) {

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