I am working on a ModelBuilder model that calculates natural habitat based on different attributes such as proximity to water, landcovers, elevation (all raster data). I also want to take into account "human disturbance" - i.e. exclude areas that are too close to a developed area.

To do that, I took the landcover raster, used the Con tool to assign all "developed" cells value of 1 and a NoData value to all other cells. Then, I used the Euclidean Distance tool to create a "buffer" around those "developed" cells. So, now I have a raster that has cells with regular values in the "buffered" zone around developed areas and NoData further from developed areas and I need the exact opposite - NoData around the developed areas and regular values further from them.


I am using ArcMap 10.4.1


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You can do it with the Reclassify tool.

Here I have created a raster same as your example above - top two cells have a value of 1, the bottom two are NULL (or NoData). The 1 coloured black, and I have coloured the NoData with "Sahara Sand" so it shows in the screenshot.

In the Reclassify tool I literally just reverse the values by typing in NoData next to the 1, and a 1 next to the NoData.

enter image description here

And the result - the raster is reversed. The 1 coloured black, and the NoData with "Sahara Sand".

enter image description here

  • Yes, that works. Thank you! Just for clarity, this is how to enter range of values: printscreen
    – Jan Pisl
    Apr 30, 2017 at 3:41

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