In my leaflet application, I would like to reduce the size of cluster icons by half and also modify the font size of the value inside of the icon:

enter image description here

Having read the documentation on github, I have tried changing values under iconSize in the iconCreateFunction:

return new L.DivIcon({ 
  html: '<div><span>' + childCount + '</span></div>', 
  className: 'marker-cluster' + c, 
  iconSize: new L.Point(40, 40) 

But this does not appear to change anything. Is there a known workaround for changing the size of cluster icons and their text?


The iconSize option controls the size of the container DOM element for the icon/divicon. The actual visible size depends on the CSS rules applied to the container and the contents.

Look at the default CSS rules applied to your cluster markers: they contain hard-coded sizes in pixels, which are applied regardless of the size of the container.

  • strangely, changing width and height under marker-cluster div has no effect – the_darkside May 2 '17 at 9:37

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