I'm trying to use a Named Map in Carto with the 'in' operator to avoid to make various calls to paint the same way a few features.

I want to do this:

SELECT * FROM madrid where id_tramo in ('2805200000011','2805200000041','2805200000051','2805200000061')

In my case, I'm using a string with simple quotes and commas to separate values.This is part of the call:

config: "provincia":"a_coruna","municipio":"15041","idtramos":"'1504100012461','1504100014191','1504100012951'","layer0":1}

You can see the parameter "idtramos" being "'1504100012461','1504100014191','1504100012951'". Of course, the Named Map is getting in trouble with simple quotes and commas because I'm using sql_literal as variable type. As we can see in Carto. And this is what I'm getting:

errors:["syntax error at or near "1504100012461""]

It's possible to do it with a Named Map? If not I will have to make a loop calling the each feature, but I understand is not the best way to do it. Maybe there is another way to do it.

This is the Named Map:

'paint_bloqued_tramos' : """{ "version": "0.0.1", "name": "paint_bloqued_tramos", "auth": { ... }, "placeholders": { "provincia": { "type": "sql_literal", "default": "No hay variable provincia y no puede filtrar en la query del NM" }, "municipio": { "type": "sql_literal", "default": "No hay variable municipio y por el NM da error" }, "idtramos": { "type": "sql_literal", "default": "No hay variable idtramo y no puede filtrar en la query del NM" } }, "layergroup": { "layers": [{ "type": "cartodb", "options": { "cartocss_version": "2.1.1", "cartocss": "#layer { line-width: 7; line-color: #000000; line-opacity: 0.3; line-comp-op: color-burn; }", "sql": "SELECT * FROM <%= provincia %>_tram where municipio_id = '<%= municipio %>' AND id_tramo in (<%= idtramos %>)" } }] } }

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You need to use 'sql_ident' so quotes are treated correctly. So your template would have a definition like this (approx):

{ "auth": { "method": "open" }, "version": "0.0.1", "name": "named_map_test_in", "placeholders": { "filter": { "type": "sql_ident", "default": "'Spain'" } ... { "type": "cartodb", "options": { "sql": "select * from populated_places where adm0name in (<%= filter %>)", "layer_name": "populated_places", "cartocss": "#populated_places{ marker-line-opacity: 0; marker-width: 3; marker-fill: <%= color %>; marker-allow-overlap: true;}", "cartocss_version": "2.1.1", "interactivity": [ "cartodb_id", "name" ], .....

and an example of map instantiation you can try here http://jsfiddle.net/adndz2zr/1/ just change the list of countries and see how they are filtered.


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