I am using open layers 4. I am moving and stoping marker animation as this example without any problem. But I want to add pause and continue functionality to marker also. I edit some variables and endeavor on the issue with these functions. But elapsedTime is negative on moveFeature function continuously.

 function pauseAnimation() {
            animating = false;
            //I hold elapsed time globally
            var index = Math.round($("[id='rightfrm:tbv1:txt1']").val() * elapsedTime / 1000);
            map.un('postcompose', moveFeature);

 function continueAnimation() {
    animating = true;
    now = new Date().getTime();
    now = now - 10000 + elapsedTime; // --10000-- for negativeness
    map.on('postcompose', moveFeature);

How should I add pause and continue functionality?

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I found my problem. It was a logical error. Pause and Continue working now

now = new Date().getTime() - elapsedTime;

Anyone can use these functions for Pause/Continue functionality.

  • I'm also using same functionality.. Based on Animation speed, feature point should travel speed or fast.. replayIndex = Math.round(speed * elapsedTime / 1000); May 3, 2017 at 9:15

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