I have found several examples for how to define tooltips in a config.daml file. There is sometimes an element <disabledText /> inside of the tooltip.

Does anybody know what this elemnt is good for?


<tool id="appmodule_linktool" caption="Link to data" loadOnClick="true" className="LinkTool" largeImage="Images\AddInDesktop32.png" keytip="ST" smallImage="AddInDesktop16.png">
  <tooltip heading="Link Tool">Follows a link to the corresponding web page.<disabledText /></tooltip>

From this wiki topic


Command ToolTips also support a disabledText element; this string becomes the ToolTip whenever the command is disabled.

In short, if you have logic that enable/disables your button, this text will be displayed when the button is disabled. For example, you write a button that makes use of the network analyst extension. However someone does not have this extension, you could check for that, disable your button and provide text to say "this button is disabled because you do not have network analyst"

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