I am currently working on a project which needs some offline mapping. I am using Leaflet.js as my base library. I have also seen that leaflet can be used with the following tile providers:


The idea would be to download a minimal set of tiles from one of the sources given in the previous link in order to use them in "offline mode" (no internet connection).

I was initially planning on using cartodb because their base tiles are "clutter-free" and a good starting point to add my own annotations.

Depending on the zoom level, I would need between 1000-10000 tiles that, I will have to update every 6 months.

I am trying to figure out if I am not breaking any terms of services by accessing their public REST API (http://{s}.basemaps.cartocdn.com/light_nolabels/{z}/{x}/{y}.png) in order to download tiles for offline viewing.

There are no API keys or any other form of identification in order to access the afore-mentioned service. Can assume that this is therefore public data (ie free)?

The cartodb terms of service are given here: https://carto.com/terms/#acceptable-use

I am not lawyer myself, but from my understanding it seems to me that it is OK to use their public REST API in order to cache tiles offline as long as I provide attribution.

Can anyone advise on this or tell how they solved a similar issue?

Edit: OK answering my own question (I can't add a separate answer because my question has been put on hold). Using the carto "base maps/tiles" is free as long as you are not building any commercial apps.

If you are building a commercial app which embeds the base maps, or if you are using the maps in order to track assets (my case), you need a commercial API key. All clearly explained here:


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    What providers are you talking about? You don't mention any in your question. That said, licensing questions should be asked direct to the vendor. – Midavalo May 4 '17 at 17:22
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    Also although you've been a member here for a few months I notice you haven't yet taken the new user tour which outlines our focused Q&A format. – Midavalo May 4 '17 at 17:23
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    Please use the edit button beneath your question to revise it with this and any requested clarifications. – PolyGeo May 4 '17 at 20:30
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    Note that four providers is four different questions under our "Focused question / Best answer" model, and there is a "One question per Question" policy. I can't think of a provider for which this wouldn't be a violation of the Terms of Service. – Vince May 4 '17 at 22:07
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    You say that you're not a lawyer, which is bad, because this really needs a lawyer's review. Getting a legal review from the Internet is worth slightly less than you've paid for it. – Vince May 5 '17 at 0:09

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