Making use of the Geometry generator symbol layer type, I draw rectangles of dimensions @nv_bg_w (width) and @nv_bg_h (height) (project variables) to line features, either at coordinates text_x, text_y (attributes, if not NULL) or alternatively at the center of the line by the following expression:

    'POLYGON((' ||
    COALESCE("text_x", x(point_on_surface($geometry))) ||' '||  COALESCE("text_y", y(point_on_surface($geometry))) || ','||
    (to_real(COALESCE("text_x", x(point_on_surface($geometry)))+ @nv_bg_w )) ||' '||  COALESCE("text_y", y(point_on_surface($geometry))) || ','||
    (to_real(COALESCE("text_x", x(point_on_surface($geometry)))+ @nv_bg_w  )) ||' '||  (to_real(COALESCE("text_y", y(point_on_surface($geometry))))- @nv_bg_h ) || ','||
    COALESCE("text_x", x(point_on_surface($geometry))) ||' '||  (to_real(COALESCE("text_y", y(point_on_surface($geometry))))- @nv_bg_h ) || ','||
    COALESCE("text_x", x(point_on_surface($geometry))) ||' '||  COALESCE("text_y", y(point_on_surface($geometry)))|| '))'

As can be seen x(point_on_surface($geometry)) and y(point_on_surface($geometry)) occur very often. At least in this simple example, this makes the code harder to read than it would have to.

So my question is: Is there a way to store the latter expressions in some temporary variables, something like (pseudocode):

'POLYGON((' ||
... #and so on
  • Jochen, did you find any solution to the problem described in your question? I'm facing a similar need and am searching for the same thing
    – iulian
    Mar 19, 2018 at 9:03

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Yes, there is a way in QGIS 3.x. You can set a variable by means of with_variable() function within an expression. So I expect the expression below will work for you.

with_variable( 'mx', x(point_on_surface($geometry)),
    with_variable( 'my', y(point_on_surface($geometry)),
            'POLYGON((' ||
            COALESCE("text_x", @mx) ||' '||  COALESCE("text_y", @my) || ','||
            (to_real(COALESCE("text_x", @mx)+ @nv_bg_w )) ||' '||  COALESCE("text_y", @my) || ','||
            (to_real(COALESCE("text_x", @mx)+ @nv_bg_w  )) ||' '||  (to_real(COALESCE("text_y", @my))- @nv_bg_h ) || ','||
            COALESCE("text_x", @mx) ||' '||  (to_real(COALESCE("text_y", @my))- @nv_bg_h ) || ','||
            COALESCE("text_x", @mx) ||' '||  COALESCE("text_y", @my)|| '))'

Documentation in expression dialog window:

enter image description here

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