I need to filter out the low speed winds from the values inside a Grib file. This is my first time using this kind of data. I can read the file, and iterate inside all the GeoSpatialValues (getting lat, long and value from these).

To get the maximum resolution, should I use any specific list of the so called "component of wind" ?

Is there an easy way to calculate the speed from these values or should I iterate in the U values and then V values of wind to finally combine them into a vector?

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  • NOAA

    If you are getting your data from the NOAA's Global Forecasting System (GFS), there's a GRIB message called GUST which is the surface wind gust expressed in m/s, but does not provide a computed speed U . V . cos(Θ) . You'll have to grep :GUST: in the GFS .idx file. File download location for GFS.

    The WAVE model, though incomplete, provides WIND, which is the computed wind speed File Download Location for WAVE model.


    ECMWF also provides a computed speed GRIB, named WS through their "essential dataset". They don't use inventory file like NOAA so you'll have to download the grid directly from their ftp.

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