I want to add a prefix to my unique id field; for example, “MH123”. I am currently using Attribute Assistant Tool. How can I edit my Dynamic Value Table to add a prefix to my unique ID?

  • There is fairly comprehensive documentation on this AddIn here – Hornbydd May 5 '17 at 16:07

You'll want to use Generate ID. The examples have examples using hydrants, but it's easy to extend for manholes:

Appends the HYDSEQ value to the text "Hydrant-". In this example, if the HYDSEQ is 7, 39, or 1234 then the HYDID will be Hydrant-7, Hydrant-39, or Hydrant-1234, respectively:

Table Name: hydrants
Field Name: HYDID
Value Info: HYDSEQ||Hydrant-[SEQ]

The dynamic value table stores the counter that is incremented each time the rule is triggered.

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