I have some maps of pieces of lands and I want to convert the coordinates to excel sheet

I want to arrange the data like this in the excel sheet:

land number( the pink number in the pic) accompanied by its coordinates in each row

Can you help me?

enter image description here

link to the map file above:

I want to have 3 columns in the Excel sheet

  1. representing the land number text value

  2. representing the the coordinates of that land separated by "_" like this 23.87718162405882_57.10554858573619_23.877357092058385_57.105595188322354_23.877292855536815_57.10588146117277 each two representing a point/corner

  3. the block number where the land is

if the format of the coordinates can not be like above then there is no harm having 3 columns x and y or easting and northing plus point number. therefore each land will have rows of the same points number


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You can use the query to report, or the export functions.

report query


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