I have been using QGIS (2.18.0) for 6 months and now need to make a DEM from contour vectors. From my reading, I know I have to use GRASS.

I am in the process of using this tutorial to achieve that end.

After I run r.surf.contour, I get this:

![Output after r.surf.contour]1

No error message, but the dtm_1m in not in the layer tree.

  • Do you mean the layer tree in the qgis browser? – scabecks May 9 '17 at 8:01
  • No, I mean the layer tree in GRASS. When I try to add the raster layer (dtm_1m), it is not in the layer tree of the drop down box this pop-up box: – Ruth May 9 '17 at 8:07
  • What mapsets does it show you in the tree? – scabecks May 9 '17 at 8:12
  • Mapset:Ruth with contours and Contours_Dorr AND Mapset:permanent – Ruth May 9 '17 at 8:15
  • 1
    BTW: please also take a look at grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Contour_lines_to_DEM – markusN May 11 '17 at 19:28

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