I need to create a vector layer for representing the geology of an area. I have the geological map, a raster file.

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I made some polygons and I named them in the attribute table, but I don`t want to spend time writing the name of the rocks associated with each polygon. I made another field named code and I want to correlate those codes with the polygon names, so when I introduce that code, the name associated appears.

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I think that I can do this in Field Calculator, but I don`t know how.

Is there any possibility to do this ?


What you want is a coded domain. In addition to being a more efficient way of storing the data (it manages the lookup table for you); you can also symbolize by category while editing and each of the domain categories will be available to you as a template which can help fill out the attribute table for you.


One way would be to create a lookup table, containing the code and description for each rock type:

enter image description here

Set up the fields similar to this (data type of CODE should be the same in the polygon layer too):

enter image description here

Then just join the data based on the CODE column:

enter image description here

Result should show description for each instance of that code:

enter image description here

If you want to make this join permanent, you could use the Join Field tool once you've finished digitising.

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