For a Qgis plugin I want to make a toolbar with additional buttons, which I want to dock on the vertically on left side beneath the add layers buttons I made the toolbar with in the a :

class Test:
    def __init__(self, iface):
        self.iface = iface

    def initGui(self):
        self.toolbar = self.iface.addToolBar("My tools")   
        self.iface.addToolBar(self.toolbar, area=Qt.LeftToolBarArea)

To unload the plugin I used:

    def unload(self):
        del self.toolbar

The toolbar is in the proper location, however when I unload the plugin it does not delete the toolbar. And when I reload it it creates an extra instance. So, I appear to have no way to unload the toolbar. I tried assigning a variable to the second addToolBar function but it returns None. Does anyone know of a solution?

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You could use the following to remove the toolbar before deleting it:

def unload(self):
    self.iface.mainWindow().removeToolBar( self.toolbar )
    del self.toolbar
  • @StefVerdonk - Most welcome, glad it worked :)
    – Joseph
    May 11, 2017 at 10:43

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