I want to create a new raster image which meet certain criteria from two underlying images.

I created a dummy raster with each pixel having value = 1.

Raster values are to be set to 0 if underlying pixel values for Raster_1 is between 100 to 110 and Raster_2 is 60 to 80.

I tried to do it with con but it gives a raster with garbage pixel values.

import arcpy

arcpy.gp.RasterCalculator_sa("""Con(("Raster_1.tif" < 1002) & ("Raster_1.tif" > 110) & ("Raster_2.tif" < 62) & ("Raster_2.tif" > 80) ,0)""","RasterOut.tif")

I wonder can I do it using something like `if-else' condition as we do in MATLAB for matrix operation

  • What about it didn't work? Did you get errors? Did it produce something unexpected? Did it do nothing at all? Please edit your question to provide more information. – Midavalo May 12 '17 at 13:48

This logic can equally be done very easily in model builder as shown below:


You don't need to do a reclassification the CON tool can achieve this. A CON tool would be set up as shown below:

Con tool parameters

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Use Boolean logic. Reclassify the first raster: 0 for all values in your range and 1 for the rest. Do the same for the second. Then use raster calculator and multiply together and the output will be 0 matching your parameters and 1 for everything else.



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  • Great, but in outReclass2 = Reclassify("slope_grd", "Value", RemapRange([[0,10,"NODATA"],[10,20,1],[20,30,2], [30,40,3],[40,50,4],[50,60,5],[60,75,6]])) in while remapping [10,20,1] 10 will be values including 10 and 20 will be remapped as 1 or remap will take place excluding 10 or 20 or both. – Mario May 13 '17 at 5:39

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