I have a set of polygons within a single shapefile. I want to keep only polygons, which are located >500 meters from another polygons in the same shapefile.

I thought to apply NEAR Tool in ArcGIS to measure the NEAR distances and then Select the features located > 500m. However, the NEAR Tool measures the closest distances from one feature to another feature only if I have two shapefiles.

Is there a way how to select features based on near distances in within a single shapefile?

I am using ArcGIS 10.1 with Spatial Analyst licence.

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I think the solution is:

  1. Run Generate Near Table tool with the Search Distance of 500 metres and unticking Find only closest feature option, and

  2. Use Standard Join with Keep only matching records option as joining the the ObjectID (or FIDs) field with NEAR_FID field

  • Cool, I did not realize that I can run the Near tools for a single shapefile: to set the shapefile as Input and Near Feture at the same time.. I couldn't figure out what is a "Standard Join" within Builder, so I just used the Near tool and Select tool to gain my goal. Thank you !
    – maycca
    Commented May 15, 2017 at 8:32

Thanks to @fatih_dur I realized that it is possible to use the same features in the Near Tool (spatial analysis) as the Input and Near feature

enter image description here

Thus I created a model in ModelBuilder where I firstly measure the distances between polygons of the single feature class. Then I just select polygons more then 500 m from each other: NEAR_FID > 500 m.

enter image description here

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