i hope i can describe my problem. I´m into planning a guidiance system for hiking. And like it is, there will be signs with poi and the distance etc. on it. I´m collecting the data in a shape with a stucture like this:

place_id | sign_id | lon | lat | orientation | destination_1 | icons_1 | dist_1 | destination_2 | icons_2 | dist_2 | photo_1 | photo_2 .... and more

Now i want to get a single report for every place like this:

enter image description here

I´ve tried to find a plugin or to get it done over the print composer with no luck.

Every help is welcome, Marc

EDIT: i work on windows with qgis 1.9.90


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Today, I am doing a very similar report(s).

I have got 90 or so points / maps to go....

I am using the print composer in QGIS Trunk. For the shapefile data, that is just an inserted attribute table in the composer. You apply a query to the layer to show only the features of interest in the attribute table. I let the composer create a pdf, then using Nitro PDF I paste the photo in as separate process.

There is some value in doing it manually for me since the data needs to be checked.

I'll let you know if I figure any other tricks out.

In the meantime, you may be able to glean some ideas from the template I am using now. I have put it on this new fangled fileshare -

I have attempted to make this template anonymous, ideally you will get some errors + some example layout.


  • Once we got the data sorted out.... the 90 maps took 8 hours. I gave up using the PDF editor to embed the photos, it was simpler and more flexible to use the photo widget in the Print Composer.
    – Willy
    Apr 26, 2012 at 14:28

Marc, you can try the Photo2Shape plugin to quickly get gps-tagged photos into QGIS with an associated shapefile. Available via the Plugin Installer.

For more robust photo keying, with data, consider trying out the eVis plugin (core, embedded plugin that ships with QGIS). You can enable it in the Plugin Manager.

You may also be interested in this PDF on georeferencing photos for use in QGIS, with some instruction on using the photos with eVis.

Now, concerning getting your photos out via composer, with associated maps, like your layout sketch. I do not think there is a plugin for that, yet. It is certainly doable by using print templates and PyQGIS and by scripting the setting of the URI for the picture, but I'm not sure on exact means of accessing the eVis data via Python (if using eVis). Someone may have experience with printing out eVis data. You may want to post to the user or developer lists for QGIS, in addition to here.

Also, look to print exporting plugins like Atlas and Easy Print for coding logic ideas.

  • hi dakcarto, thanks for your reply. i´m actually using all the plugins you listed and i´m into geotagging of photos. i actually got all the data together, but can´t get it out in the right way. Mayby there ist something like a html output similar to google fusion tables.
    – Marc
    Apr 23, 2012 at 22:31
  • Hi Marc. Does your output need to be via print? If not, and you are looking to cater to mobile, have you looked into QGIS Server and its web client, or lizmap? Utilizing the WMS QGIS Server, you can craft what you like in OpenLayers and, optionally, GeoExt, which is what QGIS's web client is based on. A very new plugin/server solution is also QGISCloud.
    – dakcarto
    Apr 23, 2012 at 22:54

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