I want to remove existing vector layers on the map and


returns me ol.source.Source object as it stated in the API.

I cannot find the way how to jump from ol.source.Sourceto ol.source.Vector object. Everything I find in answers was to use something like this


which assumes that getSource() returns ol.layer.Vector I believe (generates error).

How to get to ol.layer.Vector from map?

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The function map.getLayers() gives you a collection of all layers in the map, so you first have to select the vector layers out of this collection. This would be one way:

let vectorLayerArray = new Array();
map.getLayers().getArray().some(function(layer, i, array) {
  if (layer instanceof ol.layer.Vector) {
}, this);

You would now have the array vectorLayerArray with all available vector layers. You can now iterate of that array an get the vector source from theses layers.

vectorLayerArray.forEach(function(aVecLayer) {

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