I have drawn routes on my map in QGIS tool and I checked in using QGIS shortest path tool. I imported the map with the help of qgis2web plugin but when I open the map it has no option for the routes I created between different places. I checked the code and it has a GeoJSON file with all the coordinates of the places.

I want to add to fields "FROM" & "TO" where user can type place names in these fields and it draws a route similar to Google Maps.


I'm afraid qgis2web does not do any routing at all. You should use the Leaflet code generated by the plugin, and then edit the code to add in one of the Leaflet routing plugins:


I don't have experience working with any of them, so I can't recommend one, I'm afraid.

  • Thank you for the answer sir the qgis2web is a great useful plugin it helped me a lot in my project. But the route feature is the main feature of my project I've been searching a lot lately but without any success. And I'm stuck now sir if you can confirm it from any other expert that will be great. – deanavenger May 18 '17 at 15:07

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