I have some data in SQL Server 2016 which contains a field type of REAL, and I have no control over changing the underlying schema. This is not in an Enterprise Geodatabase, but is a simple table containing a geometry field.

This is how it looks via SQL Server Management Studio:

enter image description here

We can see this appears similar to a float:

Adding the data into ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro via a Query Layer, it looks like this:
Flows through as a float but I have lost the scale

enter image description here enter image description here

Looking at the help - SQL Server data types supported in ArcGIS – suggests REAL field type is supported for view only (which is what I need).

enter image description here

However, I can't see where I can change any settings to ensure the full scale flows through.

Hoping this might be an easy one to solve and something basic I may have overlooked.


Simple. Change the query layer to use a CAST in the SELECT statement, to CAST the real fields to floats.

SELECT TOP (1000) [uniqueID], CAST(TrafficDensity AS numeric(10,5)) AS TrafficDensity,[geomColumn] FROM [database].[dbo].[TrafficDensity]

[1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/JZegs.png

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