I've been building a large suitability analysis model in ModelBuilder over the past couple of months, it has a total of 11 rasters created and put into a weighted overlay. The model runs and an acceptable output is created when I have 10/11 Rasters used in the weighted overlay, I have one raster that for some reason causes the output raster to have Nodata Pixel values for large areas. I can't give a more detailed description without typing a pretty lengthy write up so I hope this is enough, if not I will update the post when I have a chance. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

  • What program are you using and what version? May also want to attach 1 raster that works and the one that does not – GISKid May 17 '17 at 20:41
  • Does your raster 11 have a lot of nodata pixels? Within the model builder, are you using one of the weighted overlay tools or a map algebra expression? – SaultDon May 17 '17 at 22:08

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