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I am using a L.vectorGrid.protobuf layer (named as pbfLayer) to display vector tiles, and I want to trigger click events by pbfLayer.fileEvent('click', {latlng: <some coordinate>}). But if in this way the event argument e will only have properties latlng, target, and type, while if triggered manually by mouse clicking it will have more properties including layer.

Example: https://jsfiddle.net/ziyuang/dfekwzhd/

Every time a click event is triggered, the console will print the event argument e. A screenshot of console output is as follow, if I first trigger an event manually by clicking and then by programming, using the same coordinate:


Is there a way to find and fill other properties of e, so that fireEvent can perfectly mimic a clicking?


I tried prosthetic-hand for mimicking mouse clicking but still not working. The code added is

var crs = L.CRS.EPSG3857;
var rambaut_lake_latlng = L.latLng(40.99842740667731,-74.16458129882814);
var rambaut_lake_point = crs.latLngToPoint(rambaut_lake_latlng , map.getZoom());
var southwest_point = crs.latLngToPoint(map.getBounds()._southWest, map.getZoom());
var x = rambaut_lake_point.x - southwest_point.x;
var y = map.getSize().y - (southwest_point.y - rambaut_lake_point.y);
console.log([x, y])

var hand = new Hand();
var finger = hand.growFinger('mouse');
finger.moveTo(x, y, 0).down().up();

Manually clicking will create a popup of "Rambaut Lake" but I don't see any popup on the page.

I finally get this done by using happen. In my case, I have to

var canvas = document.elementFromPoint(left, top);
$(canvas).happen({type: 'click', clientX: left, clientY: top});

And neither $('#map').happen({type: 'click', clientX: left, clientY: top}) nor using jQuery's trigger on the found canvas works for me.

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