I'm going through the QGIS Map Design book and have run up against a wall in adding cascading rules. I'm working with QGIS LTR 2.14. The authors recommend this version.

My vector data is in a SQLite db. I used ogr2ogr to convert it from the planet .pbf file.

I've created an extended subcategory rule from "motorway" called "motorway bridge" and used the following SQL to do so:

"other_tags" LIKE '%"bridge"=>"yes"%' OR "other_tags" LIKE '%"bridge"=>"viaduct"%'

This SQL yields a total of 6273 results. So far so good!

Now, I go ahead and right-click on that rule and select "Refine current rule" --> "Add categories to rule."

To create my level 1 bridge style, I use the following SQL, which should only run on the results in the parent filter; namely, only bridges.

"other_tags" NOT LIKE '%"layer"=>"2"%'

However, when I test this, it yields 118145 features, which means that it's clearly ignoring the parent query.

This may be a bug in 2.14; I'm inclined to say it is, otherwise, what is the point of using the "Refine current rule" function? Has anyone else run into this? I can write a whole bunch of explicit SQL to get around it, but wanted to make sure I'm not doing this wrong.

  • I think it's just the count test that's wrong - does it render correctly? – ndawson May 18 '17 at 19:47

So this has been open for a few days and I thought I'd answer my own question. @ndawson got it right in the comments: the features render correctly, it's just the count test that is wrong.

So, for what it's worth, if you're working with 2.14 and doing rule-based symbology, don't get too hung up on the count test!

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