I am looking to learn PostgreSQL.

I have a current working version of ArcGIS 10.5 with Python version 2.7. I have heard of people having installed another version of Python and having trouble with ESRI Python working after that.

I want to install PostgreSQL (BigSQL installer). This installer includes a version of Python.

Will installing PostgreSQL cause Python in ArcGIS to stop working?

I am trying to understand what Postgresql installer BigSQl does with my current installed ArcGIS python version. I am hoping that PostgreSQL and ArcGIS python programs run independent of each other--then there is no issue. If there are issues, I'd like to know BEFORE I install PostgreSQL. There is documentation that ArcGIS program not "playing nice" with other Python versions
Installing ArcGIS 10 with Python(x,y)

In Researching, I have discovered that Postgresql Bigsql installer in windows version does change the Python executable in the Pythonpath environment. The source of my info can be found Here. Does the installer “overwrite” ArcGIS 10.5 Pythonpath OR does the Bigsql installer “add” to the Pythonpath and thus both co-exist without issues?

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    There are a handful of similar Q&As here regarding issues occurring when installing python on a system that already has ArcGIS's python install already. Sometimes a repair install of ArcGIS will work (as it resets the links pointing to the ArcGIS python install, however this may in turn break something in your PostgreSQL python install (I don't know if it will, just it might). You may need to manage your python paths, or you may be able to get PostgreSQL to look at the ArcGIS python
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  • That is trouble with using repair: it may fix ArcGIS but "Break" Postgresql python. I am hoping someone has done this before and knows the best course to take. Commented May 19, 2017 at 19:53
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I have installed PostgreSQL and have tested out my python scripts that run through python version associated with ArcGIS. Good news, no issues so far. The difference python versions within PostrgreSql BigSQL and ArcGIS work independent of each other. Sometimes you can't just tip toe around the issue, you have to dive in--thus why I installed PostgreSQL. I took the chance off of researching the info—I didn’t want to risk work critical workflows. Today it worked out.

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