I am learning some literature of works and came across a beautiful representation of image in chessboard form. That misaligned is not my current concern. We are group of bachelor students and are trying mostly in 'Python' to achieve such representation of stack of images.

We tried dicing image and stack/overlay but cannot generate output like this one. Anyone having idea how to do this? I am asking for other image processing software too. **link is provided **

enter image description here

Important Note We are now trying for blending the two images via tiles. Let us see if we can solve this. Anybody with idea to our problem Please help.

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    Is that link what you want to achieve, or what you've got? What have you actually done, and how? In what way is it not what you want? Please edit your question to add more detail about what you've tried and what happens when you try it. You've tagged ArcGIS Desktop, python, erdas-imagine, and envi - which one are you using? – Midavalo May 20 '17 at 17:20
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    Apart from what @Midavalo suggested, you can add pictures here by properly referencing since the original location might be altered in the future therefore people would not find it. Also what do these picture try to tell? All i can see the same picture shown three times highlighting the same misaligned road sections whereas the buildings surrounding do not match. – fatih_dur May 21 '17 at 3:20
  • @Midavalo Sir, the image is what I want to achieve. The concern that software were mentioned so that I get an understanding how it could be done.We are group of bachelor students and are trying mostly in 'Python'. – Anvesh May 22 '17 at 5:37
  • @Anvesh if you are doing this in python please edit your question to include a snippet of the code you have tried and details of what happens when you try it. Include images of the output result also. You need to include much more information as all you've told us is that you can't generate it. Do you get an image? Do you get any output at all? In what way is it not what you want? Please put all this info into your question. – Midavalo May 22 '17 at 5:41
  • @Midavalo Sorry sir, at this moment we can not share here. Regarding output as Image, yes we see both image displayed over another but we are now playing with Transparency and swipe only to do this. – Anvesh May 22 '17 at 5:42

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