I'm loading TIGER geocoder data with the nation_script_load, during the process, I have to type the password several times. The same password that I set earlier along with the paths.

export PGPASSWORD= "my_password"

Is this normal or can I avoid to type/paste the password each time?

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    It shouldn't be prompting unless the password is wrong. Try removing the space between the = and " – LR1234567 May 22 '17 at 1:54

in bash, you can set a variable in this way:


without any space aroud the equal sign.

If you are using Postgresql, usually there is a fila called .pgpass under you profile root (/home/user/.pgpass). This file contains the various connections saved with the password. If you use the same combination how host and user, psql read from the file the password.

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Try removing the double quotes.

I'm not sure about the unix environment, but none of string type system environment variables on windows have double quotes around them.

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