Macros are saved in the .qgs project file. However, looking at the QgsProject Class, there is no mention of a method to read or write a macro.

Other than dangerously editing the .qgs project file, is there some other method of accessing a macro?

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Apparently it is possible by using the QgsProject.instance().readEntry() method as shown in the following link:


  • To read the project macro, you can use:

    print QgsProject.instance().readEntry("Macros", "/pythonCode")[0]
  • To write a project macro, you can use:

    macro = u'def openProject():\r\n\t#do something\r\n\r\ndef saveProject():\r\n\t#do something else\r\n\r\ndef closeProject():\r\n\tpass\r\n'
    QgsProject.instance().writeEntry("Macros", "/pythonCode", macro)

    Written macro


    • \r is the carriage return.
    • \n is the new line.
    • \t is the horizontal tab.

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