I am trying to geocode addresses in Hawaii using the PostGres/PostGIS with the 13.1. Tiger Geocoder. In Hawaii, many street addresses take the following format: ##-####. This is problematic with the geocoder, which is setting the street address as 0 when using the geocode function.

For example, I run the following block:

SELECT g.rating,
    ST_X(g.geomout)::numeric(8,5) AS lon,
    ST_Y(g.geomout)::numeric(8,5) AS lat,
    g.geomout FROM geocode(normalize_address('92-419 Makakilo Dr, Kapolei, HI 96707')) AS g

And the output is: 0 Makakilo Dr, Makakilo, HI 96707

Can anyone share a workaround so that the house address is accounted for in the geocoder?

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