In this table I need to change the last word from field !name! using the text from field !abbreviation!

enter image description here

I was trying to use Python parser to get the text from !name! field without last word and then add !Abbreviation! field. But my expression returns an error:

!Abbreviation! = !name!.split(' ')[:-1]

Can anybody help me?

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Here is one solution:

'{} {}'.format(' '.join(!name!.split()[:-1]), !Abbreviation!)


  • Your code to split all of the name except the last word was correct.
  • ' '.join... converts the list back into a string
  • '{} {}'.format... creates a new string from the the join command & the abbreviation field.

In the Field Calculator you don't put !Abbreviation! = in the expression. The destination is determined automatically by the field used to open it. I believe you want the results to go back into the name field, so open the Field Calculator from there.


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