I am attempting to create a raster time-series WMS server using GeoServer and have been working off this tutorial provided here:


  1. Even though I created the timeregex.properties file as indicated then loaded the store and enabled the time dimension, the WMS getCapabilities shows only that the YYYY-MM-DD portion of the filenames were ingested and any HH:MM:SS in the filenames were not ingested.
  2. Similarly, the shapefile created only lists the YYYY-MM-DD in the "ingestion" field and not any HH:MM:SS
  3. I need to create a regex expression for filenames that have YYYYMMDDTHHZ, but I am not finding any resources on how one would create these regex expressions.

Indeed, as user30184 says, shapefile can only do date, but not timestamp (it can do date and time as separate fields, but not combine them into a single field).

So you have two options:

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