This is a follow up to this question: Export vector layer to sqlite database using pyqgs

I am trying to import a QGIS polygon layer into a spatialite db. I was able to add a geometry column to my table using

cur.execute("SELECT InitSpatialMetadata()")     
cur.execute("SELECT AddGeometryColumn('Polygonx', 'geometry', 4326, 'POLYGON', 'XY')")

Subsequently, I am using the following line to insert my values, inlcuding the geometry

cur.executemany("INSERT INTO Polygonx VALUES (?,?,?,?)", feature_list)


feature_list = []    
for feature in vlyr.getFeatures():
    attributes = feature.attributes()
    new_feature = (feature.id(), attributes[0], attributes[1], feature.geometry().exportToWkt())

When using the db manager to check the table, however, the value of the geometry column is always NULL. Any idea what wrong with my code?

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(Only a partial answer)

The geometry column in spatialite is not WKT. I think you would need to convert the WKT representiation to a "Geometry BLOB". So either ST_GeomFromText() in your INSERT statement, or the python equivalent.

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