There is very little documentation on using vbscript within a form. Any help with syntax for ArcPad 10 would be appreciated.

Within my subroutine, I want to grab some numerical data entered in a control box on the form. Will this Set command grab the data that was input and assign it to the variable el1?

Sub getdata
Dim el1
Set el1 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page4").Controls.Item("element1")
End Sub

To bring data from the vbscript back to a control box on the form, assuming I have calculations done correctly for "scoreA"

EDITFORM.Pages.Item("Results").Controls.Item("sumEl").Additem scoreA, scoreA

Getting very close. Just need to get the data from the script back to the form. The above command line gives a runtime error "Class Doesn't Support Automation"

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Finally got it working. Here is the whole script

Sub findelement
Dim el1, el2, el3, el4, el5, el6, el7, el8, el9, el10, el11, el12, el13, el14, el15, el16, scoreA, scoreB, calc

el1 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page4").Controls.Item("element1")
el2 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page4").Controls.Item("element2")
el3 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page4").Controls.Item("element3")
el4 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page4").Controls.Item("element4")
el5 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page4").Controls.Item("element5")
el6 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page4").Controls.Item("element6")
el7 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page4").Controls.Item("element7")
el8 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page4").Controls.Item("element8")
el9 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page5").Controls.Item("element9")
el10 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page5").Controls.Item("element10")
el11 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page5").Controls.Item("element11")
el12 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page5").Controls.Item("element12")
el13 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page5").Controls.Item("element13")
el14 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page5").Controls.Item("element14")
el15 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page5").Controls.Item("element15")
el16 = EDITFORM.Pages.Item("page5").Controls.Item("element16")

Dim c1, c2, c3, c4, c5, c6, c7, c8, c9, c10, c11, c12, c13, c14, c15, c16, Counter

For Counter = 1 to 16

If "x" = Eval("el" & Counter) Then
    execute "el" & Counter & " = 0"
    execute "c" & Counter & " = 0"
    execute "c" & Counter & " = 1"
End If

'do math
scoreA = CInt(el1) + CInt(el2) + CInt(el3) + CInt(el4) + CInt(el5) + CInt(el6) + CInt(el7) + CInt(el8) + CInt(e9) + CInt(el10) + CInt(el11) + CInt(el12) + CInt(el13) + CInt(el14) + CInt(el15) + CInt(el16)
scoreB = CInt(c1) + CInt(c2) + CInt(c3) + CInt(c4) + CInt(c5) + CInt(c6) + CInt(c7) + CInt(c8) + CInt(c9) + CInt(c10) + CInt(c11) + CInt(c12) + CInt(c13) + CInt(c14) + CInt(c15) + CInt(c16)
calc = CDbl(scoreA) / CDbl(scoreB)
'vbscript assumes these are strings and appends them, to get the sum like you want cast them to a double (CDbl) or integer (CInt)

'Return calculated data to form......
EDITFORM.Pages("Results").Controls("sumEl").Value = (scoreA)
EDITFORM.Pages("Results").Controls("scoreB").Value = (scoreB)
EDITFORM.Pages("Results").Controls("calc").Value = (calc)

End Sub

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