I'm trying to create & populate Shapefile in Java using GeoTools.

Basically following this link (quite similar to the official documentation & other tutorials specifically for the point I'm asking below).

For below code I'm getting first warning that FeatureCollections is deprecated and error that add() cannot be resolved.

FeatureCollection<SimpleFeatureType, SimpleFeature> collection = FeatureCollections.newCollection();

How can I fix that or any other way to create Shapefile using Java?

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The prefered solution is to use the gt-csv datastore to read in the features which will return you a feature collection directly, that you can then write out to a shapefile.

If you really need to do your own parsing the simplest solution is to put the features into a Java collection (e.g. list) and then call DataUtilities.collection(list) on it.

Or you could use DefaultFeatureCollection

SimpleFeatureType featureType = DataUtilities.createType(tipoShape,
      "the_geom:" + tipoShape + ":srid=4326," + "number:Integer");

DefaultFeatureCollection featureCollection = new DefaultFeatureCollection("internal", featureType);

But make sure to call you geometry column the_geom or the Shapefile writer will ignore it.

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