So I have a KML file which has attribute data(Inside the tag with about 12 data points). This file was generated on ArcGIS. I'm trying to write a PHP script to parse this KML file and insert the datapoints within the ExtendedData tag into a db. How do i do this?

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This is a high-level answer as you've not given any specifics.

Reading KML is basically the same as XML (KML being a subset thereof).

Some possible resources:




Then you just take the variable that you've read your data to and output it to the database.

  • Hey! That worked. Thank you! Sorry about not being specific, but then my question was very basic to start with. Anyways, Cheers! I used simplexml_load_file to load the file, the functions after that were pretty easy. Thank you once again.
    – KaushikTD
    Apr 27, 2012 at 22:13

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