I'm trying to use v.voronoi with flag -a. An example in the manual shows Voronoi diagram for urban areas but each try returns:

v.voronoi -a --overwrite --verbose input=FdT_fromSIE_int_parcelle_culturale_L93_nettoyee@PERMANENT output=test_voonoi_flaga

Reading features... Maximum segment length: 3.26421
ERROR: Found 0 vertices in <FdT_fromSIE_int_parcelle_culturale_L93_nettoyee@PERMANENT>, but at least 2 are needed

My input shapefile is type polygon.


Did you run "g.region" beforehand? The v.voronoi manual manual states

"The bounds of the output map are limited by the current region (see g.region)."

For an example, see: https://grass.osgeo.org/grass72/manuals/v.voronoi.html#voronoi-diagram-for-areas

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  • 1. example I gave in my question is result of execution under GRASS 7 gui. I don't know how to fix the region in this environmrnt – Christine Jun 7 '17 at 13:28
  • 2. implementation in a python script gives very strange result code basin_limit = 'basin_limit' grass.run_command('g.region', flags='sp', vector=basin_limit, stdout = DEVNULL, stderr = DEVNULL) tmp_voronoi = 'tmp_voronoi_flaga' grass.run_command("v.voronoi", input='test_voronoi', output='tmp_wk1', flags='a', overwrite='True', stdout = DEVNULL, stderr = DEVNULL) code – Christine Jun 7 '17 at 13:42

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