I am working with a wildlife-related feature class where I have different fields for common name (i.e. Northern Goshawk), scientific name (Accipiter gentilis), and species code (NOGO). I have domains for all of these which limits acceptable answers to only the species that occur in the area studied. However, as I'm essentially adding the same information 3 times per data point, any species code I enter will only match up with one common name and one scientific name. Is there a way to link these fields so when I enter one field information (say, NOGO) the other two auto-fill?

I'm quite new to geodatabases.

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  • I doubt that you need populate all 3. Keep look up table that you can join to feature table and if necessary populate missing info by click of a mouse using field calculator – FelixIP Jun 7 '17 at 6:48

You could look into using subtypes.

They will assign values to dependent fields based on the subtype value.

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