I'm trying to take advantage of the many functions available in Postgis for dealing with latitude and longitude coordinate systems. However, I would like to add some altitude information to my database and I can't find the proper answer for which datatype should be used for properly holding Latitude, Longitude and Altitude in Postgis?

I have found that Geometry type is capable of X, Y and Z, but the Geography type only holds Latitude and Longitude. Is there and differences between both?


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I don't see why geography can't hold Z. Did you try it?

As per the docs:

CREATE TABLE testgeog(gid serial PRIMARY KEY, the_geog geography(POINTZ,4326) );


For geometries, like PointZ which can store Z values, you can try the WKB or WKT formats for example.
WKB is particularly well suited for database.
Transformations are easily performed as it is an OGC standard.


  • I would highly recommend using the postgis geometry/geography types instead of using WKB or WKT. The performance will be much better and the use of postgis functions will be a lot easier (and faster).
    – tilt
    Commented Jun 8, 2017 at 12:47

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