I am downloading polygons from one of our feature layers on ESRI Online. I am creating sqlgeometry polygons in a table in MSSQL server. Then I am downloading some points that come from another feature layer an storing those points in another table in MSSQL server. However when I try to find the polygon for a point, I keep coming back with a null value. From what I have read, it usually seems to be a problem with the order of points used to make the polygon. Here is the order I am using.

Can anyone confirm if I am going in the correct direction or not?

I have tried to create the polygons the two different directions, but to no avail. Maybe if I know I am going counter clockwise, I can focus on something else.

my polygon is constructed this way

-9963016.632 5551661.8461
-9963013.4085 5551537.4852
-9962845.196 5551391.701
-9962564.1822 5551377.1886
-9962477.7671 5551462.9439
-9962380.3512 5551669.254
-9963016.632 5551661.8461


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Ok I found the issue, all on me. For some reason when I was creating the polygons I was using ERSI.spatialdata.wkid. And when I was creating the points I was using the ESRI.spataildata.latestwkid. Thank you very much for offering to help. I changed both to use the .wkid and I am having success now. Is that the correct choice, or should I be using the .latestwkid?

cheers bob

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