I have a set of polygon layers with thousands of polygons some of which are adjacent (Either rings or simply adjacent). I would like to simplify this polygons by merging them.

Is there a way to do this automatically?

  • Tried Processing Toolbox "Dissolve" followed by "Multipart to Singlepart" (if applies) Tools? – Jochen Schwarze Jun 8 '17 at 16:04

You could ask the dissolve tool which you can select through the Vector tab, then Geoprocessing tools.

enter image description here

Then select the dissolve tool to open and input the dataset

enter image description here

You could also refer to QGIS documentation

  • Solution to my problem was "Dissolve" > "Dissolve all" followed by Multipart to Singlepart. The first step can take very long sometimes though. In the case of about 10000 polygons it can be about 4-5 hours. Maybe there is a faster solution? – akra-kachi Jun 9 '17 at 15:40

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