Could anyone tell me how they pair their mobile phone gps to a (windows 10) tablet that can be picked up by qgis live tracking? I have tried a few apps which i believe is broadcasting the gps to my tablet (checking against google maps) but qgis is not picking up the gps information.


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I successfully used extGPS apps to perform this tricks. the steps are:

  • download extGPS from internet as it's not available from store... : http://downloadapk.net/ExtGPS.html
  • Copy the .APK file on your mobile phone
  • Install it by simply click on it from your phone
  • connect your tablet to your phone by bluetooth
  • launch the extGPS app on your phone, it will be ready when a localisation will be find, it will also display no client until you connect it to QGIS (or another software)
  • find the COM port use by Symartic ExtGPS in the tablet settings
  • Run QGIS
  • connect the GPS to the good COM port
  • the cursor will be set to your current position in the QGIS canvas.
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    Thank you. I actually did something very similar which I will post below for future users: I downloaded an app on my android phone called "Bluetooth GPS Output". I paired the phone with the tablet via Bluetooth, and opened the application on the mobile phone. I broadcast the signal to the tablet, and went into bluetooth connections and set up the COM port (this was the fix, as the COM port was not set up properly). I then had the option to choose the COM Port (COM Port 5 in this case) to connect to in QGIS. Surprised at the accuracy - usually under 5m in London open spaces using galaxy s6 Commented Jun 21, 2017 at 12:08
  • Yes I also try this one. But i was not able to make it works with my devices... Only extGPS is working for me
    – YoLecomte
    Commented Jun 21, 2017 at 13:06

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